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Our physical body, or better our connective tissue, records and stores every single event of our lives. Every single impression that is received by the connective tissue can affect its form and structu\re, which in turn will affect the ease of flow of energy along its subtle pathways. This means that our body memorizes the pleasant and exciting events and feelings, as well as those painful, traumatic ones, which our mind constantly tries to erase. The triggering event itself (accidents, abuse, surgery) does not cause traumatic symptoms, they are caused from the frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved or discharged. This highly charged residue remains trapped in the tissue, which over time affects our body and mind.

When people are overwhelmed by a situation, their “souls” may become separated from their bodies. Part of the dynamic of trauma is that it cuts us off from our internal experience as a way of protecting our organisms from sensations and emotions that could be overwhelming.Disturbing sensations, such as trauma, mostly lead to changes in the connective tissue that can be described as tightening, solidification, lengthening, and shortening. The tissue may feel rigid, sticky, and solid, and movement becomes impaired. Those changes in the tissue will inhibit or block the energy flow and the tissue feels sore and aching where the energy is “stuck”.

With this kind of restriction, our vitality is compromised, and over time, we may become ill.In order to treat a traumatized person, it is important to restore wholeness to their organism that has been fragmented by trauma. Rolfing aims to help the body to both resolve its connective tissue distortions and simultaneously release the embedded trauma. Two factors enable this to happen: The skillful touch of the Rolfer, as well as the body’s self-healing process.

Book on Trauma & Rolfing

Levine, Peter. Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma (Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1997).
This is a very interesting theory of how to treat emotional trauma. It was developed by a former Rolfer whose experiences with Rolfing led him to explore alternate means of promoting trauma clearing and healing.

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