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Bettina Schneider
Certified Rolfer and CMT


Ok. I guess I'll start by saying ditto to all the above reviews. I'm really surprised there aren't more - it seems she's a hidden gem! I have had hip pain from an injury that occurred years ago playing sports - gnarly tackle. The pain started over a year ago and was to the point that one doctor suggested surgery. I continued to look for alternative treatments and found a new doctor in sports medicine that highly recommended that I go see Bettina. I will be forever grateful. Mind you, the first session I was delightfully surprised with her kindness and beautiful personality but I was there for healing. Whoa... Rolfing is an intense experience for the novice but once you realize the benefits you will be forever changed. With the first visit my hip felt better, the second was even better. Right now and for the last few weeks I haven't felt any pain - the first time in a long time. I will keep you posted on the progress, but at this point I am sure thankful that I didn't take the surgery option. Bettina took the time to listen to my concerns and made recommendations along the way on what to do outside of our "treatments". She is the whole package and an expert in her field. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of body work therapy.

- Juliann C. (posted on Yelp)

I've been to just about every kind of bodywork therapist in SF and Bettina stands in a class by herself. She views each client as unique and works closely with you to understand your issues. She has an in depth understanding of anatomy and the interrelationship of muscles, nerves and skeletal structure and is able to explain it in a way that makes sense.  You know when she's working on you that you're in the hands of an expert.  I'm so thrilled with the work Bettina has done to rid the pain in my shoulder and hip and was surprised how few sessions it took. The pain relief has lasted and was not just a temporary fix as with so many other bodywork practitioners. Bettina is a lovely, caring person with a lot of talent. I can't say enough about her and recommend her without hesitation!

- Laura M. (posted on Yelp)

I have just started to see Bettina. She is caring, attentive, intelligent, strong and knows exactly how to spend our time together to maximize the benefit. I have seen MANY massage therapist and Certified Rolfers in the Bay Area. Bettina is the best! My back and neck are in terrible shape. Pain all the time. The first time I walked in, Bettina did a full assessment of my body, posture and pain and went to work. She knew exactly what parts of my body to work to get the results that I needed. I haven't felt that good in a long time. I am thrilled to have found her!

- Patricia G.
(posted on Yelp)

I have been working with Bettina for over three years. Her Rolfing techniques have definitely helped in my recovery and ability to walk with correct gait and without muscle problems. I am a firm believer that Rolfing by itself is a successful therapy when combined with exercise and gym activity. I also am quite convinced that the therapist is essential to this technique. Bettina has strong hands and is undaunted by the tight rope like muscles I needed help with. I would highly recommend Bettina as she certainly excels over the vast majority of practitioners.

- Michael F.

"Bettina has been treating me now for almost three years. Her approach is incredible and has quite literally changed my life. It includes not merely a physical assessment and therapy but also lifestyle guidance and exercise routines and approaches to sustain the effect of the treatment. It is in fact a comprehensive assessment of mind/body integration and an approach to improve overall health. The effect is quite dramatic. For instance, prior to initiating the 10-Step-Rolfing-Program with Bettina I was plagued with chronic upper back, neck and shoulder pain, frequent headaches, fatigue, allergies and a general malaise. Bettina worked with me intensely for one year, corrected my posture, gait, foot alignment and adjusted my hips, shoulders and neck such that I have now been able to enjoy life essentially pain-free. I do not believe that I can underestimate the effect she has had on my life. In addition to all of these positive attributes on a personal level Bettina is incredibly warm, interactive, caring and very genuine. What more could you ask from a therapist!

- Valerie M. Weaver Ph.D., Director
Center for Bioengineering and Tissue Regeneration

"I am so grateful to have been referred to Bettina for Rolfing work! Although already healthy and fit, I found my 10-series with Bettina to be one of the best investments I have made in my body. Bettina's expertise in her trade, her open and genuine personality and her ability to communicate observations in a way that brings awareness and knowledge of one's body, makes her an amazing practitioner. She helped me to recognize patterns and habits that I have been carrying in my body for years. Through the Rolfing techniques and the body awareness exercises Bettina recommended, I feel far more aligned and connected with my body. Thank You Bettina!"

-Jodi Gregerson

"I've been receiving Rolfing sessions from Bettina for about 7 years now. As a professional bodyworker, I am quite discerning of good touch and Bettina definitely has great hands and an intuitive touch. I am consistently impressed with her ability to hone in on my issues and find creative ways of helping me release my patterns. I also appreciate her caring nature and sense of humor."

-Govinda Bader

"Bettina saved me from the years of daily pain I endured from a sports shoulder issue that the doctors said would require surgery. I have referred many friends and family to her and in every instance they too are amazed by the healing of her hands and soul."

- Patrick Barber

"Bettina's passion, knowledge and dedication has restored my well being"

- Alex Chases

"I have seen Bettina as a client for a number of years and I have referred other clients to her. Bettina has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and she is a highly skilled practitioner, whose touch is both penetrating and reassuring. She intuitively moves the body to a more flexible, correct state of alignment, and her work helps to alleviate pain and corrects poor posture.  I can recommend her work without reservation."

- Jenny Belloumini


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